Quality Policy

Shubham Specialty Products (India) Pvt. Ltd. takes its product quality very seriously.

Our quality objectives include

  • Take the customer’s requirements and model them into products with minimum discrepancies
  • Frequently review and enhancement of our quality checks in terms of the finished product
  • Educate and cultivate our quality beliefs in our staff by setting a good example for them
  • Ensure that our quality measures and standards are in conformance with the industry norms and at par with international norms

Most of our quality checks are conducted during the production itself. By using best feasible method for respective products, we have not only managed to boost our production levels but also managed to produce top quality output. The remainder quality checks are performed during testing and inspection of the finished products.

All quality matters are supervised by sound and experienced personnel who are aware of the industry norms and well versed with the quality standards requirements. The quality policies are an accurate estimate of the environmental concerns and the need for preservation as a mark of ethics for Shubham.