Group Companies


Shubham Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

SLPL is the R&D center for the Shubham group. It is helmed by adept technocrats from different fields viz organic chemistry, biotechnology and chemical engineering to name a few.

The facility houses equipment such as HPLC, spectrometer, flash chromatography. Moreover, it also accommodates pilot plant for up to 100L.

It is situated at about 24km from Mumbai airport in Thane. The facility is capable of handling multi stage development of intermediate products for specialty chemicals, pharma, agro and polymer application.


'Shujay Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

The company’s joint venture manufacturing plant is under construction and going into full swing at Sayakha GIDC in Gujarat, which is likely to be operational by around Q4 2023. This Plant has received Environment Clearance (EC) and other Certifications from Governing Authorities. It will be a GMP like and ISO certified facility.

The Company is gearing up to launch this new State of the art Production Facility to Produce Intermediate for End use in Polymers, Electronic Chemicals and Veterinary Products.

Svar Specialty is another proposed manufacturing facility under Shubham group.

Pigments division of Shubham is handled by Rachana Organics Pvt. Ltd.

Empire Dyes and Pigment Intermediate Pvt. Ltd. is also an associate company