We specialize in R&D and Scale-up of PharmaceuticalVeterinaryColorantsAgroPolymerIntermediate chemical.


Welcome to Shubham Specialty Products

We are Chemical Manufacturer from India founded in 2001 with an aim to handle the products which requires high technical caliber to produce, mainly due to complex, multi-stage Chemistry involved.

To follow this aim Shubham constituted a team of highly skilled technical veterans and an exclusive product development lab with required equipment for kilo laboratory and pilot trials to establish synthesis route and process validation.

Industries We Serve

Research and developmentTextile
Pharma IntermediatePharmaceutical
Veterinary Intermediate -Veterinary APIVeterinary
Polymer Intermediate-Pigment IntermediatePolymers
Pilot PlantPaints & Ink
Custom SynthesisAgricultural

Services We Offer

We are a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) where we cater according to a customer’s requirement. We develop the molecule as per the purity and specification of our customers in our state-of-the-art research facility.

After development of the technology, we transfer the same to either your plant or we manufacture on your behalf.

Apart from being a CRO, we are also a proud Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO). If a customer wishes to get the product manufactured after developing the technology for the same, we transfer that technology to one of our many exclusive manufacturing sites for production.

We have an in-house pilot plant facility where we produce high cost low volume products. We also produce material needed for clinical trials in the pilot plant.

We respect the customer’s confidentiality in developing and manufacturing products. On the basis of the NDA, we develop the products with or without the technical assistance of the client. After development of technology, we scale up the process to produce it on plant level.

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